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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  January 6, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> i am chris wallace. shutdown day 16. president trump is still deadlocked with house democrats over the border wall. ♪. >> he said he'd keep the government close for a long period of time. months or even years. >> absolutely i said that. i'm proud of doing what i'm doing. >>chris: with nancy pelosi back of speaker, we will discuss new challenges facing the president in this era of divided government with white house press secretary, sarah sanders. and we will find out what house
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democrats hope to accomplish with leader, david cicilline. plus, president trump takes in coming from both sides. >> i haven't decided who i will endorse in 2020. i will see who the alternatives are. >>chris: we will ask our sunday panel about a tougher road for the president in washington. and our power players of the week. two new members of congress and how they intend to work across the aisle to get things done. >> for me its mission but with her serving in the cia or military, you wake up everyday and know what you're doing and why you're doing it.i think it's no different in congress. >> you've got to start socializing together. the polarization is tearing us apart. >>chris: all right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. president trump says the government shutdown could go on for months or even years. with the standoff over the border wall in its third week, white house officials and congressional staffers met
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saturday to work toward a deal. but prospects for breakthrough remained them as the new democratic authority seems determined to stand up to president trump. in a moment, we will speak with white house press secretary, sarah sanders. but first, let's bring in kevin quirk, live at the white house with the latest on the talks between the two sides. >>reporter: with no end to the shutdown, top white house officials meeting with the president at camp david for a 2019 strategy session. youcan imagine at the top of the list, ending the shutdown . from the situation room, rose garden, refitting and cabinet rooms and this weekend, the eisenhower executive office building. president trump carefully crafted a forward leaning posture during the shutdown this week. but for all the tweets, crime statistics and letters to congress in imploring lawmakers to fund border security including a wall, an ominous realization over the nation's
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capital but with no sign of movement in the negotiations of partial government shutdown is unlikely to end anytime soon. >> it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the government. >>reporter: now, 16 days into the shutdown, it's clear despite increased face-to-face engagement, cooler heads haven't prevailed. the president turned up the heat warning he would consider using a national emergency to get his wall funding if democrat won't budge. >> absolutely i haven't done but i may do it. i may do it. >>reporter: while the president heads to camp david, remaining in washington will be vice president mike pence. he will be here conducting yet another working discussion with congressional democrats who are here with their staffers, hoping to find a way to end the shutdown. >>chris: kevin reported from the white house. thank you. joining me in the studio, white house press secretary sarah sanders. seven, will come back to
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trenton. >> great to be with you. >>chris: what is the latest on the negotiations. did they make progress yesterday? >> they made some progress. the fact that they're sitting at the table is some progress in and of itself. they've got a long way to democrats set down the first thing that one of the individuals from the democrats side said in the meeting was, we are not here to make an agreement. so this was the beginning of a conversation that still has i think a lot left to be worked out. they will meet again later this afternoon and hopefully they will continue to make progress in both the ball down the field. at the end of the day, democrats have said over and over again that they support border security. that they support protecting american citizens. now it's time to fulfill those statements and work with the president let's get this done and open the government. >>chris: the question is, is the wall the best way? going back to friday, the president meant what he said
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that he is prepared to fight for the wall to continue the shutdown for months or even years. >> i think that's one of the things that people misunderstand that he's not fighting for the wall, he's fighting for the protection of american citizens. >>chris: he wants the wall to do that. >> the wall and a number of other things. we have a completely broken immigration system in a national crisis and a humanitarian crisis. drugs, human traffickers and drugs that come across the border. the wall is one of the most important factors but we know that it works. we know in the places it's been, it's 95 percent effective. we want to be effective across the board and that includes the wall and other technology. >>chris: you are not answering my question but he meant what he said, he's the pairing to continue this fight for months or even years. >> absolutely, the president
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means what he says that but it would be outrageous for democrats that agree with the president something that so frankly incomprehensible. they agree with the president and that we need border security. they're just unwilling to let this president when i think at some point they have to decide they care more about americans than fighting the president been so far, we haven't seen a willingness on theirside to fully do that . >>chris: let's talk about caring about americans because house democrats of this week, past six bills that would fund eight agencies been unrelated to homeland security. unrelated to the wall that would get them back going right now. the question is, why not sign that bill? fund those agencies that have nothing to do with the border wall and not hold those hundreds of thousands of federal workers and the services they provide hostage? >> we are not holding anybody hostage. the president wants to fund and open the government.>>chris: but you can open those eight other agencies. >> we've been having this
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debate for years. at some point, you have to say enough is enough. you have to be reasonable, which we have put forward in good faith multiple offers to democrats but let's make a deal, have a discussion and get to a place where we agree. we have to stop kicking the can down the road. let's do it now. >>chris: i'm not talking about homeland can continue to fight about that but why hold agriculture hostage? why hold justice hostage? the treasury department hostage. why not find them? they have nothing to do with the border wall. >> the president knows it's better if they can focus on getting these packages done at once. >>chris: isn't the reason he wants to leverage? >> it's not just that. the six bills on the budget we submitted either. there are a lot of discrepancies.
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i'm not saying we oppose those six but to make it like it's an easy deal. we want to negotiate but you can't keep passing the buck. this is a major point of contention let's sit down and work it out. >>chris: if the shutdown drags on, if not months and years but even into february. it hurts real people. take a look at this. federal tax refunds will be delayed. food stamps for 38 million americans will be cuts. millions of people will lose rental assistance payments and union leaders say hundreds of tsa workers are already off the job because they can't afford to get to work. president trump thinks the border wall is worth all of that? >> the president certainly doesn't want all of those things to happen but you know what else he doesn't want to see happen? he never wants to make the phone already did earlier this week where he spoke to officer singh's widow because an illegal immigrant came across our border and killed him in cold blood but particularly,
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when we have things we know can prevent it. every life.that's what sets america apartment we value likes. it's what makes us unique. the day we stopped doing that, even if it's one, 10 or 100,000, that's when we start being the greatest country on the space of this earth. we also have a massive influx of drugs that come across the southern border. 90 percent of the heroin that comes into this country comes across through the southern border. 300 americans are killed from that everything will day. we have to look at it across the board. >>chris: let's look at the wall because there's a big spike in family units coming across the border. the president talks about terrorists potentially coming across the board. there is secretary of homeland security, kirstjen nielsen. >> we have stopped over 3000 special interest aliens trying to come into the country over the southern border. those are the aliens that the intel community have identified
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that are of concern. >>chris: special interest aliens are just people come from countries that have ever produced a terrorist. they're not terrorists themselves. the state department says there's quote, their words, no credible evidence of any terrorist coming across the border from mexico. >> we know that roughly, nearly 4000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally been we know that our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border. >>chris: i know the statistic that i studied up on this. you know wheretheir 4000 people are captured? airports . airports are the state department says there hasn't been any terrorist event coming across the border. >> it's by air, land and sea. one thing you are forgetting is the most formable point of entry we have into this country is our southern border and we have to protect it. >>chris: they're not coming across the southern border, sarah. they're being stopped at airports. >> they're coming a number of ways.
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i'm not disagreeing that they come from airport with a come by air, land and sea. the more our border becomes formal and the less we spend time and money attacking it, the more we will have an influx. not just of terrorist but human traffickers, drug flow and people coming her to do american citizens harm. >>chris: the president now says that this was a revelation on friday that he can go around congress and build this while on his own. take a look. >> we can call a national emergency because of the security of our country but absolutely been we can do it but i haven't done it but i may do it.but we can call a national emergency and build it quickly. >>chris: how serious is he about that? has the white house drafted an emergency order, a resolution, that he could announce tomorrow declaring a national emergency and we are going to build the
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wall but has he set a deadline for when he will and talk sensibly say, i'm going off on my own and do it? is he really prepared - - >> that's a lot of questions. >>chris: is he really prepared to go off on his own and use money that was authorized for military construction and build a wall instead? >> the president is prepared to do what it takes to protect our borders. to protect the people of this country been knows the number one job he has as president and commander-in-chief is to protect its citizens but if he doesn't take that seriously, whether it's at our southern border or whether it's from terrorist coming from whatever way they come or any other place. he is not going to be the president he knows himself to be. >>chris: does he really think that he has the authority to build the wall with funds that
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were appropriated for the military construction without congressional approval? >> as we set for the last several weeks, we are looking at and exploringevery option available that the president has .>>chris: is that a viable option? >> whatever option he takes will certainly be lawful. this is something the president takes incredibly seriously. is very passionate about and will not stop until he figures out the best way to make sure we are doing everything we can to make america safer and more secure. >>chris: president trump is at camp david today to meet with white house senior officials. about his priorities for 2019. what can you tell us about the meeting and about what his agenda is? >> we've had an incredible first two years. the economy is strong but isis is on the run and the judiciary is being made. we have a number of successes over the first two years. we want to look at how we will
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continue to build on those as we move into 2020. >>chris: top priority? >> i think the presidents got a lot. immigration, securing our border. but fixing the immigration system as a whole but it's completely broken. the president wants to make sure we look at the different things, loopholes we can close to make that better. infrastructure fighting the opioid crisis. not only are the presidents big priorities but things we think we might be able to get democrats actually work with us. the american people elected them to come here and do more than just fight the president and we hope they will fulfill their constituents hopes for them and do exactly that. >>chris: sarah, thank you. always good to talk with you. >> always great to be here. >>chris: up next, reaction from the house top democrat but what's their plan to end the shutdown? and what about those calls to impeach the president? (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> house democrats have an
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ambitious agenda as they take over the majority from infrastructure to healthcare to investigations of the trump administration. but their first priority is to and the government shutdown. joining us from rhode island, one of their new leaders, congressman david cicilline, chair of the house democratic policy and communications committee. congressman, what's the latest on where negotiations stand? is your site willing to compromise with the president on the border wall or are you in effect demanding his surrender? >> i don't think we are demanding surrender but demanding the government be the opened. we passed appropriations bill that would passed unanimously by the senate. it wasn't supported by the republicans.
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the present at the last moment changed his mind and that deal fell apart. so we're trying to isolate the disagreement. we passed again and the senate approved version.the republican past the house. we send that to the centipede with an open up the government. we will have a short-term extension for the department of homeland security so we can resolve this disagreement but we need to reopen the government. the president has - - >>chris: let me interrupt for a second because speaker pelosi and leadership are have been hinting about this. is it the democratic view that there could be no negotiations on the border wall at all until the present agrees to reopen the rest of the government? >> i think we believe the government must be open
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immediately. it's having real consequences, not only to federal workers but to the country. in terms of food terms of tax refunds. safety at the airports with the tsa. there are real consequences to a prolonged shutdown. the president doesn't seem to understand that but it's impacting small business been impacting people's lives. we are set open the government. there's bipartisan agreement on funding the balance of the government. let's isolate the disagreement with the department of homeland security and keep talking. >>chris: let's talk about the merits of a border wall. here's what nancy pelosi says. >> we are not doing a wall. does anybody have any doubt that we are not doing a wall? the wall in my view is in immorality. a waste of money. an opportunist cost to protect the american people. but it is a diversionary tactic on the part of the president. >>chris: i want to ask you a specific question congressman,
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why is a wall immoral? not asking why it's ineffective why you think the money could be spent better. the speaker keeps saying the wall is immoral. there's a wall or fence around the white house and people build walls around their hands. why is a border wall immoral? >> i think what the speaker is saying is that we believe in securing our borders. we appropriated $1.7 billion over the last two years for border security. the department has been to less than six percent we are prepared to do more because we need to do more. >>chris: if i may just press, why is the wall immoral? >> i think that's a question the speaker has to answer but what she means by that is it doesn't reflect the values of our country. americans welcomed refugees and immigrants and people fleeing violence and war. what's more important is the rest of her sentence is that
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it's not cost-effective. democrats are committed to securing our borders but we have voted to secure our borders and have committed significant resources to do but let's use technology, drones, satellite, cargo inspections which aren't happening been let's do things that will actually secure the border. >>chris: let's talk about the effectiveness of it. brandon judd is the president of the national border patrol council. he's been a border patrol agent for 21 years. here's what he says. >> anywhere you look where we have built walls, they have worked. they have been an absolute necessity for border patrol agents in securing the border. >>chris: here's a guy who's been on the frontlines on the border for two decades. he says border walls work. >> look, i think there's no question there are places we have walls and fencing and other barriers. i think good border security will be a combination of things. but what we've heard from the present as he wants a great big
11:23 am
concrete wall that will be 1000 miles. >>chris: let's be fair. he's given up on the concrete wall. he's talking about steel fencing now. >> the reality is this is a fright the present has greater to distract from the real issues he's facing. the republicans had control of the house, senate and white house for two years. if this were such an important priority, why didn't he do it at the beginning of the administration and why? the defense secretary left with a strong rebuke of his foreign-policy. the senate hearing blew up because of the seriousness of the charges. his foundations were close down because of illegality. it was about a couple weeks. so what did the president do? he shuts the government down and he's distracting the attention from those pressing issues. >>chris: but sir, the fact is even the "washington post" say , there is now a crisis at the border. there has been a dramatic spike
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in the number of family units coming across the southern border. i want to put up some statistics. in november 2017, a year plus ago, the border patrol apprehended 7000 family units at our southwest border. this past november, two months ago, they called 25,000 family units coming across been and look at these recent incidents where border patrol incident had to fire tear gas at migrants trying to climb the fence and were throwing rocks at the border agents. congressman, the president is not making this up. >> the reality is this is a complicated problem. it requires a sophisticated answer. the incoming chief of staff of the president and outgoing chief of staff have both said, affordable doesn't solve this problem. we need competences immigration reform. additional personnel.
11:25 am
we need to use technology. we want to secure our board in response to these challenges, but we want to do in a way that works that will achieve the objective. what we are saying is open up the government. these other departments have nothing to do with not punish the american people by shutting down the government if you don't get your way. >>chris: let me interrupt because i've got two minutes left and i want to get to questions in. the president said on friday that he has the right and is considering. you heard it from sarah sanders, declaring a national emergency and building the wall in his home without congressional approval. using funds that have been appropriated for military construction. if he goes ahead and does the, what will house democrats like yourself do? >> i don't think the president has the authority. he would have to meet high standards in article 1 establishes the congress and gives up responsibility of appropriating money. i don't think the present has the authority to do that and i hope he will continue to work with congress to resolve this disagreement. but open the government first. the government will reopen when the republicans in the senate and the president come to their senses and recognize that we
11:26 am
shouldn't be shutting down the government if they don't get their way. >>chris: finally, freshman congresswoman rashida to the ã of michigan for this thursday night. >> when your stomach that you and says mama, you won the police don't win and i said baby, they don't because were going to go in there and impeach the. [bleep] >>chris: what you think of the language and the idea of moving right away to impeach president trump?>> democrats ran on an agenda for the people to drive down health care costs and the costs of progress been double ã prescription drugs. >>chris: specifically, answer. >> i think we need to move forward on our agenda at the same time. our caucus is big and diverse.
11:27 am
there are a number of people who think we should move quickly on impeachment. i'm one of the people that thinks we need to wait for mr. mueller's report so we know all the facts. >>chris: real quick, do you condemn that language? >> look, it's odd to hear people on the republican side was not condemned the president's language in 1 million different contexts to be clutching their pearls over use of that language. this is at a private event, she can use whatever language she think is appropriate. the democrats are fighting for the people of this country. we will focus on issues that matter and we will do our oversight responsibilities in a serious way. >>chris: thank you for your time.please come back. >> i will. thank you for having me. >>chris: up next, how long will the shutdown drag on? we will bring back our sunday group to discuss the lockdown and when most americans will start to l feel the pain. along with 26 essential vitamins
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> the southern border is a dangerous, horrible disaster.
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we've done a great job. what you carefully to the kind of job we have to do unless you have a major powerful barrier. >> we recognize on the democratic side that wecannot resolve this until we open up the government. we made that very clear to the president . >>chris: president trump and house speaker pelosi giving no sign of progress in talks to and the partial government shutdown and resolve the fight over funding for a border wall. it's time now for our sunday group. former congressman jason chaffetz. mo elleithee of georgetown university's institute of politics and public service. marie harf on fox news radio. and jonah goldberg of the national review. congressman jason chaffetz, an interesting development. senate republicans up for reelection in 2020 beginning to break with president so we need to reopen the government.
11:32 am
cory gardner, susan collins of maine. how do you see this shutdown ending and went to see the shutdown ending? >> i wish i could have that magic ball. i hope it's sooner rather than later but i think democrats have put themselves in a tough box. the president is on the side of national security, protecting our border and doing what the federal employees, the border patrol wants to do. they had 60,000 people they are to ãapprehended coming across the board. we have to have some sort of impediment, some sort of barrier. we've done in the past and it works. that's a compelling argument and i'm sensitive to cory gardner was a great member of the united states senate. but now, congress always gravitates to deadlines and pressure points. that's what i think ultimately will get this solved.
11:33 am
>>chris: mo, or the democrats the ones in a hole and they need to get out of it? >> i do think so but i think most americans would agree that this is the president shutdown and the president is basically holding hundreds of thousands of federal workers hostage over this. and it's not just them. it's the people who contract with the federal government. people who aren't getting paid. people worried about paying their bills, rent. people may get stuck at airports. to say you're going to continue this for years, over an argument. an immigration argument that is actually not proven to be effective. that is sort of, we have seen wall breaches time and time again. almost 10,000 breaches amongst
11:34 am
certain sectors of the wall that exist now. rather than taking that money and investing in actual technologies that would provide real border security. investing in more border patrol agents. that to me seems like a better way to go. to keep the government shutdown and hurt these people over a fantasy answer. i think will come out and hurt thepresident . >>chris: i will let you answer. but i mean, here's the problem it seems to me. if nancy pelosi were to say tomorrow, all right, we will give you the money for the wall. she'd be thrown out as speaker. her house democratic caucus would not stand for the if the present purchaser, i give up on the wall, his political base, that 39-40 percent would turn on him. where does the pressure come and will be a surrender by one side to the other? will they sort of lay down the instruments of war? or will there be a compromise for the present and that gives
11:35 am
to democrats, whether it's on daca, people with temporary protected status or whatever? >> that's part of the ironing. the fight is almost purely symbolic. if they win, we lose. if trumpets anything, democrats will feel like it's a loss and vice versa. the irony is there is serious public policy compromise that can be found here on daca. serious restriction is like my friend ãwho talked about e verify. >>chris: it's shutdown now. it's a system people can use to check whether someone's in the country illegally or not. >> the thing about the pressure point. it seems to me if airports start essentially shutting down and people are out in the rest
11:36 am
of the country start to feel the bite. that's where i think the pressure builds. that moves markets and will cause congressman to start buckling. overflowing garbage cans on the wall. i drove past. it's not exactly like a scene from mad max out there. as time goes by, those are the pressure points where you'll see a lot of senators getting weak in the knees. >>chris: i will ask you for a prediction in a moment. if not for the shutdown.the big political story this week would be the house going back to the democrats. nancy pelosi regaining the speakership after eight years in the minority and the first speaker to regain the gavel since sam rayburn in the 1950s. here she was on thursday. >> i pledge that this congress
11:37 am
will be transparent, bipartisan and unifying. that we will seek to reach across the aisle in this chamber and across divisions across our nation. >>chris: marie, whatever you think of her policies, and the policy is clearly a heckuva politician. how effective do think she will be dealing with president trump on this and other issues? >> absolutely. i was one of those democrats that underestimated her ability to win that the speakership with the kind of numbers she copied the fact that alexandria oak osseo voted for her in the end showed her strength and legislative ability. the two things the democratic house has done legislatively, they've introduced a bill on voting rights to get corruption out of washington and they passed bills to reopen the government. so they put down a marker this week that they're not here to play. they have an agenda and they will push it forward. she will have i think challenges bringing together
11:38 am
this moderate block of democrats who everyone the house. - - is a moderate. combine that with aoc and the liberal wing of the party. >>chris: aoc folks, that's now how we refer to alexandria oak osseo cortez. >> she can bring those numbers together and as long as donald trump is in the white house, i think she will be pretty effective and she's shown that this week and holding the line. >>chris: i want to ping-pong back and forth and get your predictions. on friday, as it goes into the 21st day. the shutdown will be the longest in history. midnight on friday. a week from today, will the shutdown still be going on and when it ends which side will be seen as winning? >> still going on and i think the next pressure point is the state of the union at the end of january. i think it will continue to go on to that point. >>chris: who will win?
11:39 am
>> i think the republicans will win that they are on the right side of the argument. >> i think that goes on probably for a couple more weeks. the point others are making, when this starts to be felt in people's homes or in their communities for the airports, the president will cave. and democrats want to find a way to help him cave a little less painfully it's what's going to be interesting. >> i actually hope the democrats get something like daca out of this. i don't want this to keep going on. but the more real people that feel the spirit of the people that can't pay rent. if this goes on to the state of the unit, i think that's insane. that is crazy. >> i think it goes past the state of the union. they will find a way for everyone to declarevictory . >>chris: that's very sensible and i do think that's true. it can't be a complete surrender. it has to be compromised. we have to take a break here. when we come back, the living
11:40 am
will envy the dead. president trump takes in coming from both sides. a democrat makes an obscene call for his impeachment. and a longtime rival arrived in washington and wastes no time taking a shot. and what would you like to ask the panel about mitt romney's criticism of the president? just go to @foxnewssunday and we may use your question on the air. >> i've laid out time and a
11:41 am
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11:43 am
places where i disagree with the president. places that relate to the, if you will forming of national character. i think we can do a better job. >> if he fought really hard against president obama like he does against me, he would have won the election. does that make sense to you? >>chris: president trump responding to brand-new senator
11:44 am
mitt romney wrote a controversial article this week stating the president has not risen to the mantle of the office, which understandably, got a lot of attention. we are back now with the panel. congressman jason chaffetz, you were a congressman from utah for what do you make of mitt romney before he has sworn in, haven't an op-ed in the "washington post" saying this president is not living up to his responsibilities as president certainly in the image department and what is the reaction been back home? >> candidate romney didn't talk like this. he accepted his endorsement in october. in a debate he was asked the question and he said he's putting the past behind him and looks to working forward. i think it was an unforced error. and he was elected to represent the state of utah to solve problems. this doesn't solve the problem, i think it creates a problem. >>chris: why do think he did it? >> i think he does believe it
11:45 am
but i think it's in his heart. i don't think it does anything to move the meter and accomplish things that i don't know why he did it before he was sworn in. i think people are scratching their heads. >>chris: we asked you for questions for the panel and we got a lot of head scratching. mike johnson send this on facebook, when is he switching to the democratic party because he's always no longer a republican. - - tweeted, is he positioning himself to challenge president trump for the 2020 nomination? marie, how do you answer them? >> i think that's the problem the republican party has. president trump space that feel like there's not room in the public discourse for republicans criticize president trump. if that's the direction the party is going, they will at some point no longer be up the ãthe party of the country.
11:46 am
they will be the party of the 30 percent, donald trump base. a lot will depend on the mueller report. this is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. once we get past that, you'll see republicans make decisions about that primary. >>chris: then there was, we talked about this before with congressman david cicilline, freshman congresswoman - - of michigan and her attack on the president. and president trump's response but take a look. >> we are going to go in there and impeach the. [bleep] >> i think she dishonored herself and her family. >>chris:jonah , this clearly, in the first week the house democrats took over and had careful things in terms of messaging. stepped on their message. the fact that we are talking about, cable news has feasted on this.
11:47 am
i think, what do you think of that and the fact that this really indicates how much trouble and the pelosi will have controlling the firebrands in her party.>> i think that's right. there are two issues. i think the expletive which i think she should apologize for and move on. i don't think president trump has enormous amount of credibility condemning that language or debasing discourse in any way. but then there's the actual apology. the impeachment issue been nancy pelosi's challenge is do something she didn't do well the last time she was speaker. which was to try to move legislation that peels off republicans. the one thing that will keep them unified for now prior to the mueller report. is the impeachment stuff. it is the antimatter version. just the antitrust party. that will unify the republicans.
11:48 am
so stay quiet about impeachment is totally nancy pelosi's long-term interest until there's a reason to talk about impeachment. >>chris: in fairness, we heard congressman david cicilline and jerry nadler who is the chair of the judiciary committee for this issue of impeachment, if it's going to come up would, said the same thing. >> but that's not what the rank-and-file wants.a way the rank-and-file and the republic and party wants it to be in all trumpet party. democratic party wanted to be anti-trump parties. >>chris: - - how much of a fever is there and the house democratic caucus to move right now and impeach donald trump? >> on the comment, i would be hard-pressed to disagree with anything jonah said. i spend a lot of time talking and wearing about the politics at large and that he has now
11:49 am
given license to everyone to use this language and i think that is wrong but i don't think democrats can effectively argue against him by acting like him . nor can he criticized democrats for acting like him. so i wish he wouldn't have used that language. but i think the bigger issue here is the talk of impeachment. i do think it's premature. i think most democratic leadership agree with that. most members of house democratic leadership understand the politicization of impeachment, the way tom stier is doing. the way some members are doing it is a very dangerous path to go down. there may come a time when this is a relevant conversation and bob mueller will let everyone know when that time is. until then, democrats have a policy agenda to push. a policy agenda to stand up to and they have an election to win.
11:50 am
if they want to beat donald trump, the best way to do that and have a mandate behind her own agenda is to beat him at the ballot box. they've shown they can do that in 2018 and now they've got to do it in 2020. that's to be where the energy of people like this remains focused. >>chris: there was a very interesting moment on friday because president trump came out to the rose garden after his meeting with nancy pelosi and said, she assured me there is no interest in impeaching me and she immediately pushed back and said, or her staff there. saying, she never said that. she said this meeting is in about impeachment. which to me indicated, she and her people are very sensitive about the fact of not appearing to tamp down or step on, not that they're pushing it but they don't want to tamp down on democrats who want to impeach. >> i think that's right but they always condition it. always, always. on the mueller report and that we cannot do this for political reasons like it appeared for bill clinton or like tom stier is doing. i think they will keep it on
11:51 am
the table. conditioned on mueller. >>chris: thank you panel. see you next sunday. up next, our power players of the week. we'll introduce you to two new members of congress and ask how they plan to reach across the aisle and end the aisle and end the shutdown. for pizzahyeah! kraft. family greatly. >> with the old guard in
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
washington not getting much done, we met this week with two new members of the 116th congress to get their fresh ideas. we sat down with elissa slotkin who served three tours in iraq with the cia and republican mark green of tennessee who was on the special ops team that captured saddam hussein.and they are our power players of the week. welcome to. >> delighted to be here, thanks chris. >>chris: you both talk about trying to get things done. trying to compromise to break the gridlock in washington. be specific. let me start with you, come with one tranny. how? back perfect - - >> perfect example is the government shutdown. both sides say they believe in for the security. start having a real negotiation about border security, border forces, what technology at the
11:55 am
board with a fencing if we need in some areas but it doesn't just have to be a wall that's the essence of a negotiation. i think we can start now if people care about getting something done. >>chris: you're talking about the issues. i guess i'm talking more about attitude. there are problems that people have known about possible deals, possible solutions for a long time but it never get done. why not? >> i think what we as a class, the freshman class brings, particularly ttry. she's proud military and i am proud military and we want solutions. we are sick and tired of it not happening with our constituents need it done. we're rolling up our sleeves and are going to get it done. >>chris: i want to pick up on that because congressman greene was a special operations in iraq. part of the capture of saddam hussein. you served for years in the cia and then for president bush 43 and obama. what's the one thing you think you can take from your service in national security that may
11:56 am
help you in washington? >> for me, it's mission did you have a mission to when you're serving in the cia and military you wake up every day and know what you're doing and why you're doing it. i think it's no different in congress. some people have treated it as if they don't have a mission. that they're there for themselves and they are show horses or whatever i think passing legislation is the most important things the one there are well-intentioned people in that building behind me and somehow, it doesn't get done. >>chris: the wall, the president says there has to be a wall. you hear the answer pelosi say a wall is immoral. how do you compromise with that frederick? >> i think we find common ground with what is border security and we get it done. that's what we have to do. the president has looked at this and has said this is what we need to do and i am
11:57 am
supporting him in this effort. >> i think it's literally, life is about negotiation. no one lives their life saying i'm going to unilaterally decide what happens. >>chris: where are you both on donald trump? question for you congresswoman. are the democrats in the house, to anti-trump? >> i think the tenor the present has set his unbecoming of the country that i love. for me, that's critically important. i don't like policy by twitter. just because you're providing a check and balance on the president, doesn't mean we don't have a responsibility to legislate and get something affirmative done but if we are only anti-trump, were not doing our job. >> on the other hand, you said during the campaign you can't imagine an issue where you would differ from president trump. >> so far every action is taken has been massive. the cutting taxes and our state
11:58 am
of tennessee to one of the biggest pay raises for our soldiers and 10+ years. i think the actions he's taken are spectacular and i can't see an area where i would disagree with him at this point. >>chris: what about the tone? >> i think maybe in some cases, there are better ways to say things. again, i 100 percent support the actions that have been taken. >>chris: over the next two years and i will start with you congresswoman. how confident are you that you will be able to change washington instead of washington changing you? >> i think the nice thing is we have over 400 members per the culture changes. i'm not saying it's going to be easy and i've seen it already. that sounded people getting to - - you to be very political. salute the party instead of the country. you have to push back and that's when you have people to link arms with and say, no, you're not going to do it that way.>> i came from the road
11:59 am
and a small town. my friends will not let me go off the rails. many years in the military, - - will be on the phone and say mark, what are you thinking? if i go the wrong way. table neil and ronald reagan with white like cats and dogs in the daytime and in the evening they go have a scotch. we've got to get back to doing that. that's how we become friends but maybe not agreeing but those relationships i think are what's really missing right now and something i want to be part of fixing. >>chris: congresswoman, do you like scott's? >> i'm going to suggest michigan beer. >> tennessee whiskey. >>chris: you see, you can't even agree on that. congressman, congresswoman, good luck.
12:00 pm
try to hash out negotiations to reopen the government. >> we've had enough. in touch with a lot of people and i informed my folks to say that we will build a steel barrier, steel, it'll be made out of steel. it'll be less obstruction and we will be doing steel barrier and that gives us great strength at the border. [inaudible conversations] >> i would consider but i think we will complicate it. i would rather have supreme court rule. i want to help with daca but i would rather have -- it's going to be before the supreme court very soon and rather than doing somethg


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